What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Ashlea Mills?

That’s right it’s time for another What’s In Your #PhysEd Bag? This week we feature a passionate young Physical Educator who teaches at an all girls school in Melbourne, Australia. Let’s find out what Ashlea Mills keeps her #PhysEd Bag.

The Bag

1. North Face Jester backpack
My North Face backpack is quite new but it is the perfect size for school. It’s comfortable and compact enough to carry when riding my bike or hiking trips.

Tech Stuff

2. iPad 2 and 3
I take both my work and personal iPads to school. It is always handy to have a spare in case  a student has forgotten their iPad or their iPad has no battery which happens quite often. I carry my iPad with me everywhere at school. I try to store most of my docs in the cloud so the Google Drive app gets plenty of use whether I am assessing students, planning or taking notes in staff meetings.

3. iPhone 5
My iPhone has all of my music stored on it so it is always hooked into our portable speakers or Apple TV to play music during PE lessons. I often use it as a stopwatch as well.

4. Dell Ultrabook
I am very happy with our new Dell Ultrabook computers we got this year for school. They are so light and start up very quickly. The battery lasts all day which is great as it’s not often I’m sitting in my office.

5. GoPro Hero 3
We have been using my GoPro for filming for our portfolios this term. The GoPro has been in the pool during swimming lessons and mounted on my bike during Bike Education. It can go where the iPad can’t and the footage we have captured has been very unique.

6. Fitbit Flex
This would not necessarily be in my bag but I thought it would be worth including it in here. I use my Fitbit to track my daily steps and it is also very handy for keeping an eye on my sleep habits.

Workout Gear

7. 2XU Compression Tights
I always have a change of sports clothes in my bag for boot camp in the mornings and netball training after school. I live in my 2XU compression tights. I love the new colour range.

8. Asics Kayano 19
When it comes to runners I can’t go pass a new pair of Kayanos. I brought these in New York at the start of the year and they have lasted me most of the year.

9. North Face Jacket
This jacket has got me through plenty of travel adventures and school camps. In Melbourne, it’s not uncommon to have four seasons in one day so I always carry my jacket just in case.

Essential Items

10. Physical Education Primary Weekly Planner
As much as I love tech, I still like my paper planner. I have all of my sport dates in here, class lists, assessment and lesson notes.

11. Ray-Ban Wayfarers
I spend most of my time teaching outside. Our Aussies summers are hot so I always have my sunglasses handy to protect my eyes.

12. Lululemon Bottle
I use this drink bottle for boot camp but have started using it at school in an attempt to drink more water during the day.

13. Asthma Pump
As an asthmatic, I always carry a ventolin with me. I have a few inhalers so this one stays in my school bag.

If you are interested in sharing what’s in your #PhysEd bag then feel free to contact us at iPhysEd@gmail.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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