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Physical Literacy

Focus on the holistic development of physical literacy. Ideas, tools & resources to help you promote lifelong physical activity.


Teacher created and tested tools to assist you in assessing your students in all areas of their physical literacy development.

Game Design

Tools & strategies to help you create, design & teach purposeful games that will develop "thinking players".


Take your practice to the next level with purposeful approaches to teaching & coaching. We can help you create a model that suits your situation.

Online Courses

Take professional development into your own hands. Join one of our self-paced online courses & develop skills to improve your practice at any time that suits you.


Looking for an inspiring and engaging speaker or workshop for your event? Invite Nathan and be guaranteed to discover purposeful ideas to improve your practice.

Recent Blog Posts

Nathan Horne

Gamification in Physical Education

Any game is something where a player is set a challenge. The player may make choices to overcome the challenge, although chance dictates that the player cannot guarantee the choices they make will be successful. The choices the player makes change the state of the game, so that the player must constantly be re-evaluating the

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Nathan Horne

The PE Specialist | Ben Landers

I was lucky enough to meet Ben Landers at the PE Institute in North Carolina back in 2015 and not only did I have a blast with him, I learnt a bunch of new tricks and tips from him. I had so much fun with him, I just knew I needed to have him on my podcast.

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Nathan Horne in 2018: A Year in Review

What a whirlwind 2018 was! It came and went and here I am writing another Year in Review blog post. Last year, I reflected on big year both professionally and personally and this year was no different. 2018 saw me finishing off my first year and starting my second as PHE Department Head at Meadowridge, as well

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Nathan Horne

Developing Physical Literacy through Dance

Last year I was lucky enough to experience the incredible DancePl3y program in my school. I had heard about it so much through Twitter and the online #PhysEd community, and when I moved to Canada and began my role as PHE Department Head at Meadowridge School, I knew that I needed to get the program

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