What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Joey Feith?

In honour of Canadian Thanksgiving I am very proud to present and give huge thanks to a Canadian who is next in our What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? series. This guy just keeps on giving to the #PhysEd community and here is your chance to find out a little more about him.
I know you have been waiting a long time for this one, so here it is…None other than the #godfather of #physed himself Joey Feith, Founder of the incredible ThePhysicalEducator.com
I actually only got this bag a few weeks ago, but I love it. It fits great on my back and has an awesome dedicated laptop compartment with an iPad pocket (which is great because, you know, I’m kinda geeky). It’s not a huge pack, but it gets the job done and is great for when I go hiking (the FlexVent shoulder straps are really comfy and breath well)

2. iPhone 4
I’d be lying if I said that my phone wasn’t my main computer. I get more work done on my iPhone than any other device I own. My iPhone 4 has held up pretty well (it’s maybe a little sluggish since upgrading to iOS 7), especially considering how much I use it. However, my contract is almost up and the iPhone 5S is looking mighty tempting these days.

I use my phone throughout my teaching day for a lot of different things. I plug it into my gym’s stereo to play music during class, I use it as a timer for my PE classes’ 7 Minute Warm Ups, and I also use it as a web device to access my favourite apps when my iPad is out of reach or if the school’s network is down (which doesn’t happen often).

3. Apple EarPods
I have a pretty decent commute to work (I spend about three hours a day commuting). My EarPods come in handy to help make that time fly by. Be it listening to podcasts (Smart Passive Income, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur on Fire), audiobooks (the last one I listened to was Good to Great), or listening to music to get me pumped for my day (Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, and Girl Talk are my most played), my EarPods keep me entertained and informed.

4. Nalgene 1000ml Bottle
I’m actually terrible at staying hydrated. I’ve been using Lift to help me drink more water throughout the day. It’s incredible what adding more water to your diet can do for your health, productivity, and overall well-being (check out this awesome Greatist article on the benefits of drinking more water: http://greatist.com/health/reasons-to-drink-water).

5. OPUS Card
OPUS is Montreal’s chip cards for public transit. I BMW (Bus, Metro, Walk) my way to work everyday, and my OPUS card gets used a lot. Although a lot of people shudder at the idea of commuting three hours a day via public transit, I actually love it. Montreal has a great public transit system (our BIXI bikes are pretty sweet too), and the traffic/parking here is terrible. I have absolutely no patience for sitting in traffic, so staying underground or in a bus is a great way to catch up on work (via #2, #3, and #8 on this list) and commute stress-free (except for my occasional sprint to the bus stop).

6. Jawbone UP
Although my UP isn’t technically in my bag, I wanted to include it here. I love all of the data I get out of wearing it and it really has helped me increase my levels of physical activity (it’s not uncommon for me to sync my UP and decide to walk the last ten blocks home to get some extra steps in).

7. 13” MacBook Pro (Late 2011)
I guess my MacBook is technically my main computer (sorry iPhone, I tried). I use it for everything from hosting #pechat, to doing design work, to updating ThePhysicalEducator.com. Although it’s not uncommon to leave my MacBook at home, I usually have it with me.

8. iPad 2
I’d say my iPad is my main computer when teaching (turns out I have a lot of main computers). My iPad is always with me when teaching so that I can update my Numbers gradebooks, capture evidence of student learning via Evernote, add/remove ClassDojo points, or use Coach’s Eye to help a student out with their technique.

I just got a projector and Apple TV for my gym, so I’m really excited to use those along with my iPad to help my students learn even more.

On the bus/metro, I use my iPad to catch up on work (emails, social media, etc) and go through my RSS (I use Reeder). I hotspot from my iPhone to get this done.

9. Cocoon Grid-It 
Here it is: my ultimate in geek. Although I love the different bags I have (I also own an Incase Messenger Bag for non-physical education days), I really hate having to dig through my bags to find the cable/pen/charger that I need (to all the ladies with big ol’ purses… I feel ya). My Grid-It is awesome because a) it holds everything in place, and b) it doesn’t take up a lot of room. I just slide it in with my iPad and MacBook into my bag’s laptop compartment and then easily access anything I need when I need it. 

Speaking of which, here’s a quick list of the items you see on my Grid-It:
i. Apple Remote (for when I give presentations)
ii. iPad VGA cable (for when I can’t AirPlay my screen)
iii. Jawbone UP charger (which I only have to use once a week)
iv. Field Notes Notebook and Pen (although I mostly use Penultimate on my iPad, sometimes you just can’t beat writing something down on paper).
v. AUX cable (I use this for my gym’s stereo and whenever I feel a party needs some music)
vi. USB flash drive (although this has become pretty obsolete between Dropbox and Google Drive being in my life, there are still times where a USB flash drive comes in handy)
vii. Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter (I have a Mac Mini at home, but I still prefer plugging my MacBook into my external display)
viii. Stylus pen (I want to get one of those fancy fine-point stylus pens, but this will do for now. Mostly used with Penultimate and Paper for mockup designs).
ix. Mini screwdriver tool (you wouldn’t believe how many times this has come in handy).

10. Teaching Clothes
I never wear the clothes I teach in to work. If my students have to get changed for #physed, so do I. Also, dat T-Shirt!

11. Nike Free Trainer 5.0 (Black Royal Volt)
I’m not one of those people who collect shoes or anything, but I love my Nikes. They’re looking a little filthy these days, but these shoes have got me through half-marathons, hikes, and plenty of days teaching in the gym.

Next week on What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? iPhys-Ed.com will feature 2013 National Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year, Patty Kestell. If you are interested in sharing what’s in your #PhysEd bag then contact us at iPhysEd@gmail.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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