What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Naomi Hartl?

This week in What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? we feature the #girlonfire Naomi Hartl. It is so awesome to see such a young teacher be so passionate and involved in the #PhysEd community. She is doing awesome work at Star City, with SPEA and online especially with the use of gScripts such as autocrat. Read on to find out what she has in her #PhysEd Bag!

1. The Bag
If you were to see me leaving the school you would notice that I am usually carrying a few bags as I walk out the door. My school bag, gym bag, lunch bag and one or two cloth grocery bags usually filled with posters, charts, textbooks, binders, etc. So I have more than one bag, but I thought I only need to show you my main one. I really like this bag as it has many little pockets and compartments that I keep all my stuff in. It is starting to wear down as it becomes about three years old so I may have to start looking for a new one. Any suggestions?

2. iPad 3
I was very lucky when I snagged my job at Star City School last year. We may have a small number of students in the building, but our ratio of tech to student is getting closer to 1 to 1 everyday. All the teachers have an iPad to use in their classroom which has become quite convenient and helpful in all the classes I teach. As you can tell it has the Griffin Survivor case on it. This is NEEDED in my PE classes!  You never know when it will be dropped, knocked over or hit by something. I also love using the Airserver program and Airplay on my iPad to project videos, notes, and pictures up onto the big screen in my gym. I can walk around with my iPad giving feedback to my students and still control what goes up on the screen and not worry about having to stand in a certain location. It is quite slick!

3. iPod 4
This iPod serves as the link to getting my students to move during class. I have tried classes where there is no music and my students barely move, but once you crank up those tunes they are moving and grooving, having a great time! I have the TangoRemote App on both my iPhone and iPod. I plug my iPod into the sound system and then control the music through my iPhone.

4. iPhone 5
I do everything on my phone. I use it to enter my attendance at the start of all my classes, read the announcements, book the computers, check out my students progress on their assignments on Google Drive and our shared folders, play music through the tango remote app, use it as a timer, read and send emails, GPS device to track my distance while running, listen to music podcasts, and so much more! I honestly have to bring my charger to school so that I can charge it half way through the day.

5. Apple Earbuds
I use these for all my Google Hangouts and Skype chats. I also use them for when I am on a run and listening to music or podcasts. I really like these because they fit in my ear so nicely and you can control the volume with them.

6. iPad, iPod & iPhone Chargers
All my devices are usually charged twice a day so my chargers go with me to and from school. They have there own place in my bag so that I do not misplace them.

8. Mini iHome Speaker
I love this little mini speaker I use it everyday in our new wellness centre to blast out the tunes as I workout. It’s very important to me to maintain my own level of fitness.

9. Logitech Clicker
I use this clicker in my math classes… I really like the laser pointer feature on it!

10. Lexus Flash Drive
I am in the process taking all my documents and putting it on Google Drive. Last February I broke a flash drive and lost all my documents… So I promised myself “No More Flash Drives”, but I carry this one around as it has my Smart Notebook notes for my Math 9 class.

11. Day Planner Binder
As much as I love my technology, I like to write out my lesson plans with a pencil or pen. I am constantly making changes and reflecting on my lessons so they are constantly being updated and I like to physically write it out .

12. SPEA water bottle
I got this great water bottle when I went to the SPEA (Saskatchewan Physical Education Association) conference last year. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day and I need to do a better job of it!

13. SPEA t-shirt
A girl needs a shirt to work out in! When you sign up for a SPEA membership you also get a t-shirt. I love the quote on this shirt! “You are not fully literate, until you are physically literate”.

14. Shoes
I just bought my Women’s New Balance Minimus 10v2 Trail Shoes and I love them! Such a natural fit and feel. I love running in them!

15. Pens
I talk a lot of my correcting home so I always keep an extra pen and pencil in my bag in case I can’t find one. I love writing with the felt tip pens… They glide so nicely across the page! You also never know when you are reading something and need to highlight it or write something down!

16. Sticky Notes
I always have sticky note reminders all over my desk. I carry these little ones with me in case I remember something I need to do and write it down as a reminder, mark a page, etc. these things are handy to have!

If you are interested in sharing what’s in your #PhysEd bag then feel free to contact us at iPhysEd@gmail.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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