What’s In Your #PhysEd Bag, Amanda Stanec?

As a #PhysEd teacher, every day I carry my bag to and from work and sometimes it’s empty! Sometimes it contains things that never come out of it! I thought it would be great to see what other #PhysEd legends carry with them on a daily basis.

What’s in your #PhysEd Bag? is a new series of posts where iPhys-Ed.com asks members of the #PhysEd community to share what they feel is important for them to carry to and from work & play as a #PhysEd professional everyday. 
It is based on The Verge’s popular What’s in Your Bag series. Our first #PhysEd legend to share the contents of her bag is the #firecracker herself, Amanda Stanec.

The Bag

This is my Lululemon bag.  It’s dirty because I use this bag every single day and have for the past two years. It has a wet section for workout clothes, pockets for keys, passports, etc. I love the outside pockets for wipes and to clip my phone to. Of course the purple is pretty so I love that too.

Tech Stuff


MacBook Air 
All I had to do was think about flying home to Nova Scotia from St. Louis with my toddlers (and, without my partner) to know that I would buy a MacBook Air. I had a MacBook Pro but it was too heavy for my carry on luggage.  I’m thrilled with my MacBook Air and I think the cover is pretty.


While I don’t leave home without it, I do leave it inside a lot. I like to be disconnected from technology when I’m teaching my girls to ride bikes, checking out a new playground in St. Louis, etc.  Twitter is amazing for my growing business, but I am sure to stay away from it when I’m not “at work”.
Of course, the Otter Box is a must (I say this as though you have met me). I drop things – a lot.

Wellbeing Stuff


Swim stuff
While an avid runner and yogi, I also love swimming for fitness. I always keep my suit, googles, & cap in my bag so that I can stop in at the gym. It’s great because my girls can play with their friends in the child watch if I find myself time to squeeze in an extra workout.


Vega Energizer
Vega is a plant based company and I use all their products during marathon training.  I like these travel energizers as I can pour it in my water bottle about 20 minutes before my swim and I’m good to go!


Water bottle
I drink a ton of water. I love this water bottle sent to be from Yogaglo.com. I get paid nothing by Yogaglo but I love spreading a great product and Yogaglo is “top shelf” (as my Canadian nephews would say).


Kind Bar 
I work out a lot and at a pretty high intensity on most days.  I’m also on the go a lot.  I transport my girls to playgrounds, pre-school, activities and to run errands in between chunks of time dedicated for my paid work.
I refuse to eat fast food so I never leave home without a kind bar, fruit, nuts, or chopped up veggies.
Planning for healthy snacks for me and my kids keep us from getting “hangry” (hungry + angry) at one another. No one wants a hangry mama! No one deserves it, either.


Wipes / Diaper
Having two daughters, I don’t carry a diaper bag but I always throw travel wipes and a diaper or three in a side pocket of my daily bag. I like having all I need in one bag as it minimizes what I pack.


Prescription Sunglasses 
I have very poor vision and lived with a scary eye infection last winter. I love my Ray Bans and rock them in races, while driving, and anytime I’m outside because my eyes are very sensitive to light.

Amanda is such a #PhysEd legend and a fantastic mother to two of the cutest little girls you are ever likely to meet. It is great to have an insight into what is important to her on a daily basis. You can find her on Twitter @MoveLiveLearn or blogging at www.able-consultants.com.

Stay tuned to iPhys-Ed.com for more What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? in the coming weeks! 
If you are interested in sharing what’s in your #PhysEd bag that you feel is important enough to carry every day then contact us at iPhysEd@gmail.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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