What’s In Your #PhysEd Bag, Ross Halliday?

What’s in your #PhysEd Bag? is a series of posts where iPhys-Ed.com asks members of the #PhysEd community to share what they feel is important for them to carry to and from work & play as a #PhysEd professional everyday.  It is based on The Verge’s popular What’s in Your Bag series.  

Our next #PhysEd legend to share the contents of his bag is a bright new spark on the #PhysEd scene who is really making things Fizz, Ross Halliday! Originally from Scotland, Ross is currently Head of PE & Sport at an independent school in Melbourne, Australia. He can be found on Twitter @FizzicalEd and blogging at www.makingpefizz.com.

The Bag

This is my awesome bag from 3D Knight.  You can’t overestimate the importance of  having a bag that makes your life easier!  Pockets where you want them, easy access when you need it, fits everything you need.  I love this bag because it has a little splash of colour too.  The yellow cheers me up every time I go into my bag!

Tech Stuff


Samsung Series 9 Laptop
My work lap top is a Samsung Series 9.  It goes to and from school with me every day.
Generally I am an Apple fan but I have to say, I love this lap top. It’s super slim, fast and looks good.


2 iPads
Despite what the kids in my class might say, this is NOT a means of showing off.  I have one from school and a personal one.  My personal one has 3G and my school one only has Wifi.  Therefore if I’m teaching on the playing fields I can always ensure have an internet connection.  It also comes in handy if I have a projector going as I can also go round gathering footage and taking photos while still having things like lesson intentions posted on the big screen. Same applies to playing music and filming dance or gymnastics at the same time.


Mini Projector
This is one of my most recent purchases and I have been telling anyone who will listen about it!  As its name suggests it is a mini sized data projector called ‘pico’ which plugs directly in to my iPhone or iPad and is completely wireless.  I am able to use this in the gym like a regular data projector but I can walk around with it and project against any wall, simply sticking it in my pocket in between.
Using this means there is nothing valuable sitting around while practical activity is happening.  It goes in my bag when I leave school so I have the option of projecting a giant screen against my walls at home…perhaps for a movie occasionally!


The little black stick is an “e-whistle” I use this little hand held whistle as opposed to an old school mouth whistle.  It’s great because I can hand it over on the spot to one of the kids to use, which I wouldn’t do with a regular mouth whistle.  I don’t use it all the time though.  I was given a piece of advice as a teaching student, “only use a whistle when teaching games that have a whistle in them.”
I still stick to that.  I remember teachers in my day who’d blow a whistle constantly.
Why is it in my bag?  I use it to call our puppy ‘Clive’ on our morning walks!


Jawbone UP Charger
Earlier this year I got my hands on an UP band, a wristband which tracks my activity, sleep, food and mood.  I’ve really enjoyed ‘knowing myself better’ and it has allowed me to modify areas of my lifestyle to help me work, sleep and eat better.  I carry my charger in my bag to ensure I’ve always got life in the band.  Nathan and I (and a few other Team #Physed-ers) are team mates via the UP app, the last thing I want is him beating my daily steps because I’ve run out of battery!


I always carry these in my bag for two reasons:
1. I use them for hands free phone calls when driving
2. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts (like The #PhysEd Podcast & The #PEPLC Podcast) recently so when I’m travelling on Melbourne’s wonderful tram system, it’s the perfect time to catch up with my favourite shows.

Other Stuff


Red Clip Board
This red clipboard shuttles between home and work and includes, well…my homework!  I have this with me all day at school and then I stick in the docs or scribbled notes that I need to continue working with at home.


As well as my Apple tech products, I always have an actual apple (or piece of fruit).  In the ‘busyness’ of the school day you never know when you may get hit with an extra yard duty, or need to have a snack on the run and fruit is the best solution.  I sometimes have 3 or 4 bits of fruit in a day.

Stay tuned to iPhys-Ed.com for more What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? in the coming weeks! 
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