What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Andy Hair?

Joey asked for it....so it's back! In this edition of What's in Your #PhysEd Bag? we explore the bag of Australian physical educator, Andy Hair.

Andy Hair is based in Geelong, Australia. His life goal is to see kids excel and achieve their dream. His PE motto is DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE.

Outside of the Gym he lives a very active life. He enjoys training for Ironman Triathlons pushing himself to achieve his own personal goals each day of the week.

As well being a Physical Education teacher he also works for School Sport Victoria as Regional Coordinator. He has been with this organisation for the past 20 years acting in various roles. His current role to provides children with pathways to participate in competitive sport. He currently coordinates 28 sporting carnivals and events throughout the year.

So Andy, tell us What's in Your #PhysEd Bag?

Mr Hair Bag Contents

  1. My Favourite Trucker Cap
    Geelong weather is ‘Good one minute, terrible the next’ so a hat is extremely important. Term 1 and Term 4 of compulsory hat wearing weather.
  2. My 365 Notes book
    This book gets written in everytime I have a light bulb moment. I use a new one each year. I started using this idea of capturing my thoughts 15 years ago. Wow there are some amazing things written in the books over this time.
  3. My Bike Lock
    Love riding my bike and love locking it up so it is always there to ride home at the end of the day.
  4. IT Essentials
    Cords, plugs, chargers, connectors, headphones, clickers, presenters, Wifi dongles. This little box has it all.
  5. My Coaching Clipboard
    The blueprint of the class are all laid out in here and students voice is capture on these blueprints to drive learning.
  6. The Ultimate Backpack
    Ironman Transition bag is big enough to hold all this gear plus all my bananas, sangas (sandwiches), drinks and more that each day needs.
  7. Coins
    You never know when you have to hit the vending machine for a soft drink (soda) hit or lolly fix.
  8. Aussie PhysEd Pins
    You never know when you meet someone that helps influence your Physical Education program. I show gratitude by giving them a pin.
  9. Jacket
    Like point one, this jacket is on then it is off then it is on then it is off. I wished the weather would make its mind up!
  10. Bose Soundlink II Speaker
    This Bluetooth speaker packs in so much punch. You never know when you need some music. Music helps control my classroom and kids love music.
  11. My MacBook Pro
    My favourite thing of all. This laptop is so powerful. The stickers on top and bottom intrigue the students in my class when I take the roll.
  12. Back Up Device battery
    12 Hours charge life.
  13. Whistle
    Teachers only use your whistle to stop, look and listen- Don’t confuse children by using it to start and stop activities.
  14. Spare Socks
    I love socks and I hate wet socks. Teaching on the oval in winter creates wet socks. Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump had this as one of his rules “Change your socks often.”
  15. Oakley Sunglasses
    12 years ago I was lucky enough to receive Oakley as a sponsor for my career as a Triathlete but also for my work as a Physical Education Teacher. How cool!!!! I have glasses to match the colours of my shoes. You have to look cool when you strut!
  16. Coffee Beans and Water
    Energy, Energy, Energy! Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! My body needs both.
  17. Apple iPad
    iDoceo gets a hammering on my iPad. I often gets asked to share my favourite apps. I don’t really have them. I like to connect learning to the correct app or apps. This all differs depending of students need.
  18. Apple iPhone 6
    Nothing more needs to be said except, Twitter, Facebook, Voxer, Podcasts and camera are always draining my battery.
  19. Redbull
    If the coffee beans don’t do it then the Redbull certainly will. A can a day keeps the Doctor away……. Or is that an apple?

Andy can be found online:

Twitter: @MrHairPhysEd
Voxer: mrhairpe
Website: mrhairphysed.weebly.com

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