What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Travis Temple?

After a bit of a hiatus, this week I was contacted by Travis Temple , a K-12 Physical Education and Health teacher at Janesville CSD in Iowa. Travis wanted to share with everyone the things he finds useful in his day to day life as a #PhysEd teacher. So without further ado; What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Travis Temple?
The Bag (NIKE XL Backpack): Teaching K-12 PE and 9th grade Health in the same building, I am constantly on the go! From my playing days at Wartburg College, my bag goes everywhere I do. With a pad for my laptop and plenty of pocket space, I can comfortably carry my teaching tools/gear from gym to gym. One thing I really like about it are the mesh pockets on the sides for my water bottle(s) so I can stay hydrated throughout the day.
1: Macbook Pro (School Issued): I carry my laptop with me all day between my classroom and two gyms.  My 9th grade Health students all have computers, so I utilize these as much as possible in the classroom.  ‘Schoology’ is a great resource to post videos, assignments, discussions, etc. Documenting fitness testing, attendance, projecting videos/workouts and playing music through the sound system are just a few ways I use it.

2: iPad 2: Being lightweight and user-friendly, the iPad has come in handy for assessing my students (K-12) in multiple ways.  Since I use Google Drive and the cloud, I can access my documents on my Macbook or iPad. It’s great for snapping pictures and videos of my students for sharing/analysis.
*Favorite iPad Apps – Remind, PE Activities, Coach’s Eye & Easy Assessment

3: Apple EarPods & 10: iPod Nano: I love listening to music when I’m physically active! Whether it’s a jog on the track at school or a bike ride on the trails, my iPod is always part of my workout.

4: iPhone 6: I love the remote app paired with my Macbook Pro to play music during PE. I can control volume, songs and playlists from anywhere in the gym! I use music as a start/stop tool in elementary PE, so I have it in my pocket as much as possible. It also comes in handy to post photos on Twitter and I often use it as a stopwatch.

5: Nike Fuelband: When my students see my passion for being physically active, it encourages them to take pride in their personal health too! I average around 3500 Nike Fuel Points per day based on my movement.  It syncs with my iPhone 6 via the Nike+ app and saves all of my activity data.  Aside from displaying the time, it shows my goal progress throughout the day and also tracks calories burned and steps taken.

6: Charger(s): I usually carry extra chargers (Macbook, iPad, iPhone) in case a piece of technology needs charged up during the day.

7: Janesville Pride Cards: I also serve as our school’s PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) coach and encourage the staff to acknowledge when our students show respect, responsibility, caring and a positive attitude.  We utilize these cards to promote positive behavior and emphasize character inside and outside of our classrooms. If I see a student displaying positive behavior, I give them a personalized #JanesvillePride Card. These can be given directly to the students or mailed home.

8: Apple Remote: I use it to control my iTunes on my Macbook as well as my Apple TV in my health classroom.

9: Kensington Remote: Great for PowerPoint presentations! The USB receiver plugs into my computer, so I can move around the gym/classroom and interact with students while operating my presentation.

11: iPad Stylus: Makes it easy to use apps and type notes on the keypad.

12: Sharpie (Fine Tip): Signing sheets, writing notes, filling out my daily planner, etc.  I prefer the fine tip so it doesn’t smudge.

13: Whistle: I don’t use my whistle very often, but it comes in handy for starting and stopping students (6-12) during activity.

If you would like to share What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? then feel free to contact me at nathan@iphys-ed.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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