App Review: Moves


So yesterday I tried out a new app that was only released this week called Moves. This fantastic app automatically records any walking, running or cycling that you do during your day.
Once you turn it on you just leave it running in the background and it will keep track of your movement during the day. Just leave your device in your pocket or bag and away you go.

There are plenty of other apps out there who claim to do similar things, however the issue has always been battery drainage on your device, particularly for the iPhone.
I used this app all day yesterday as you can see by the photo to the left, and it didn’t drain the battery by any more than on a regular day of iPhone use.

Moves give you statistics on number of steps, time in movement and distance as well as a Storyline of your day. It will show your route on a map, as well as giving you the opportunity to check in at places where you spend significant time. The app also detected that I was on public transport for 29 mins.

This app has some serious implications for Physical Educators. A large number of students have their own devices and this app could be used to track activity as part of a health and fitness unit. Once you have the data you can export to email or as a photo, and this could be used for data analysis.

I am still a little unsure on how this will affect my battery over a long period of time but I will continue to use this app in the coming days & weeks and see how it goes.

Currently it is only available for iOS devices however an Andriod version is in the works. Download it today and start using it in your #PhysEd class.

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