What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag, Mel Hamada?

This week in What’s in Your #PhysEd Bag? we feature a fantastic educator currently work in Yokohama, Japan. If you haven’t heard of Mel Hamada then you should defintiely check out her blog melhamada.com. Did you know she also develops Apps? You can find them at www.appsforacademics.net. Read on to find out what she has in her #PhysEd Bag.

The Bag
Crumpler have been my go to brand now for over 18 years, they know how to fit stuff in and to make them comfy for riding, walking or however you travel.  I used to have a big bag but had to downsize as I tend to carry more than I should.

Tech Stuff

  • iPad mini (retina – brand new!) with a case I am trialling, I am not convinced yet but the lighter mini is better than my iPad3
  • iPod shuffle – yellow w headphones and my swimming case too, usually download all podcasts and music here for longer runs, need to have lighter weight.  Swimming case is rarely used these days, just wishful thinking.
  • Macbook Pro – school issued with my Go Play sticker and a hard case for protection
  • USB mouse  and various cords/chargers

Other Stuff

  • Gloves (great present!) with iPad friendly finger pads
  • Wallet
  • Pens/pencils/stickers/post-it notes
  • Note book – paper (!) that I record my to-do-list and make notes, keep one note book for the entire year at school to look back on my notes
  • Work keys/whistle
  • Panadol/toothbrush/medical stuff
  • Random chocolate

What Isn’t Here

  • My phone which is usually in my pocket – Galaxy S – Android is more and more winning my vote, Google is my lifeline (used the camera to take photos) and my other bag full of change of clothes/shoes/running stuff and Nalgene water bottle.

If you are interested in sharing what’s in your #PhysEd bag then feel free to contact us at iPhysEd@gmail.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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