APPEC Conference – Hong Kong

On the 14th & 15th of November I had the incredible privilege of being an invited keynote speaker and workshop presenter at the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference (APPEC) at Hong Kong International School.
While there I gave a keynote address, 4 workshops and a keynote panel session, so yes I was very busy and didn’t get too much of a chance to visit many other sessions.
I did however have the chance to reconnect with some pretty amazing friends and physical educators as well as forge some fantastic new friendships. As the first ever APPEC Conference the APPEC Committee and 21CL did an amazing job at hosting this event. My big takeaway really was the strength of physical education within schools in the Asia Pacific region. So many committed physical educators giving their students the best possible chance to develop into physically literate individuals.

Below is my keynote address entitled The Best “APPS” for PE. It might not be what you expect so if you have a few spare minutes please have a watch.

Resources from all my sessions at APPEC can be found at iPhys-Ed.com/APPEC

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