Wake Me Up When September Ends…

It is fair to say that September 2014 has been one of the busiest months of my life, but also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling. It has left me very little time to update iPhys-Ed.com and for that I apologise, however my experiences over the past month have left me energised and inspired to continue connecting and sharing best practice in inquiry based, technology infused #PhysEd. Let me share with you below what has kept me so busy over the last month.

ACHPER Tasmania State Conference – Friday 12th September

I was incredibly lucky to be invited back to my home state by the ACHPER Tasmania crew for their State Conference that took place on Friday 12th September in Launceston, Tasmania. The event was split into day & night sessions with the day session taking place at the University of Tasmania and the evening session at the Country Club Casino.

I was asked to present two sessions at the conference, one a keynote style talk and another practical session. Both of these sessions revolved around the meaningful integration of technology in physical education.
I stepped off an overnight flight from Singapore and basically straight into my first keynote session which you can see below.
NOTE: There were some technical issues which prevented the audio from working for the first 25 mins. The video below should start at 25:26.

My second practical session of the day which was extremely popular was based around integrating technology into a SportEd unit. Participants used a variety of apps and tools that could help them document and share learning in SportEd units. As part of the workshop they published & shared videos using video apps such as Vine, Touchcast & Vyclone, some of which you can see below.

Overall the conference was extremely well organised and well run and I can not commend the ACHPER Tasmania crew highly enough for the effort and dedication they put into make this conference extremely successful. In a place as small as Tasmania it was incredible to see almost 200 physical education professionals coming together to advance the practice as well as have the entire conference shared worldwide through Twitter and Google Hangouts. If you want to view more the sessions that were broadcast live be sure to check out the ACHPERTAS Youtube Channel.

You can view all of the resources from both of my sessions at www.iPhys-Ed.com/ACHPERTAS

ISS Elementary School Sports Day – Friday 19th September

Upon returning to Singapore after my quick weekend trip to Tasmania I was straight back into the swing of things with our Elementary School Sports Day. The day was a huge success and it was great to see so many parents, teachers and community members involved in helping out on the day.
As most of you know I am a perfectionist and also someone who always has to find a way to improve and make things even better. I have previously blogged about how we Live Scored our Swim Gala using Google Sheets last year. This year I went a step further and included some more formulas into the score sheet to automate the process even further.
I will be blogging about this new and improved Athletics scoresheet very soon so keep your eyes peeled. As always I am happy to share my template and will do so in this post.

ISHCMC Professional Collaboration Visit – 24th-26th September

The final stop in my month was a 3 day visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to collaborate professionally with the Physical Education team at the International School of Ho Chi Minh City. It was great to spend 3 days observing, team teaching, demo teaching, planning and collaborating with the fantastic PE team there and I know that all of us came away from the three days with a heap of new ideas for our practice.
It is always great when you get to go into another school, or see another teacher in their element and I find that often this is the best form of professional learning. Don’t get me wrong conferences and workshops are great, but there is nothing quite like being in someone else’s gym to see how they operate and sharing ideas on how best to advance the physical education profession. It’s all those little conversations that you get to have over the course of the day in between classes that really valuable and make you reflect on your practice.
Check out the Google Presentation below to see some of the things we collaborated on over the course of the week.
As I mentioned earlier the month of September was incredible busy for me, but also so rewarding. The number of people I got to connect with and share ideas with was incredible and makes me so proud to be in this profession. We really are at a tipping point right now in our #PhysEd community. There are so many people out there doing great things to advance our profession and provide our students with quality physical education programs and it is an absolute please to be able to get out there and meet you all. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who I had a chance to meet and collaborate with over the past month, your passion for #PhysEd amazes and inspires me.

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