iPhys-Ed.com in 2014: A Year in Review

Another incredible year for iPhys-Ed.com is in the books!
A HUGE THANK YOU to each and every one of the over 22,000 #PhysEd members in 151 countries took the time to visit the site and here’s hoping they were able to take something back to their classrooms and gyms to enrich the physical education experience for their students.
Now that we are well and truly into 2015 I thought I would take the time to reflect back on the past year and reaffirm the desire to continue to push the boundaries of physical education into the 21st century.

Personal Highlights for 2014:

  • Travelling to Tasmania & Vietnam to present and consult with some incredible #PhysEd professionals.
  • Being Nominated by my peers for 3 awards in the 2014 #PhysEd Awards.
  • Being invited to keynote at the 2015 PE Institute in North Carolina and the ECIS PE Conference in Munich
  • Connecting online & in person with so many amazing team #PhysEd members , particularly having lunch with an absolute legend in @GlennYoungSD36
  • Becoming engaged to my incredible fiance’ in one the most beautiful places on earth, Sri Lanka – cannot wait to marry @alisoneducates this coming July!

Top 5 posts (by popularity) for 2014:
1. Class Management Hacks 
2. Google Apps for #PhysEd: Combining Drive & Sites for Portfolios
3. Live Scoring School Sports Events Using Google Sheets
4.  Google Apps & Add Ons for Automagical Assessment in #PhysEd
5. The #PhysEd Cookbook: A Collaborative Healthy Eating Resource

Reviewing my Goals for 2014:
1. Begin my Masters through the University of British Columbia under the supervision of Dr Joy Butler.
STATUS: On Hold – Due to lack of student enrolment -find out about the next cohort http://pdce.educ.ubc.ca/med-in-physical-education-pe15/

2. Continue to blog about meaningful applications of how technology can be integrated into #PhysEd to enhance inquiry based teaching and learning.
STATUS: Completed – Although the volume of my blog posts for 2015 was down on 2014 I feel the quality of the posts increased significantly.

3. Deliver more workshops/speaking/professional development sessions to #PhysEd professionals worldwide (contact me if you think I can help you!)

STATUS: Completed – As I mentioned above 2014 was a break out year for me in terms of being able to present to a large number of #PhysEd professionals all over the world

4. Connect with even more fantastic physical educators in person and through social media.
STATUS: Completed – I continue to be amazed and incredibly grateful for the amazing #PhysEd community and its continued strength. The willingness of you all to share your ideas has made me a better person and a better educator.

5. Have a more balanced lifestyle which allows me to stay physically and mentally healthy.

STATUS: In Progress – I continue to try and find the balance between work and play. I have recently fallen in love with Yoga and hope this will be a catalyst for a more balance lifestyle.

Thanks again to all of you who took the time to visit iPhys-Ed.com in 2014. I sincerely hope that you found something of use in this website. iPhys-Ed.com will only continue to grow in 2015 and I look forward to connecting with more and more people all around the world. If you have enjoyed iPhys-Ed.com in 2014 then please leave a comment below.
Please do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter, by email or if you see my in your neck of the woods just come up and say hello!

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