Realtime Board – Visual Collaboration in Realtime

Share your ideas and work in real time

I have recently discovered a fantastic web tool called Realtime Board which I have been testing with some of my classes as a way to document & share learning visually. While Realtime Borad is still in the Beta stage I have already seen the huge potential this web tool has as a collaboration platform for educators.

Using Realtime Board is like having your own digital display board on which you can write, draw, type, add pictures, photos, documents sticky notes and chart, all while being able to interact with other shared users to comment and collaborate. You can even link the boards to Google Drive to easily add files and photos.
You can see how easy it is by watching the video below.

How can this benefit Team #PhysEd?

Here is where the beauty of Realtime Board lies. I am going to open it up to all you #pegeeks out there to start the conversation and collaboration on how Realtime Board can benefit the #PhysEd community.

To start sharing your ideas on how we can use this web tool for documenting student learning and as a collaborative space for Physical Education teachers follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Realtimeboard.com and Sign up – you can sign in using your Facebook or Gmail account
2. Come back to iPhys-Ed.com and click on the white #PhysEd Realtime Board Idea title to add comments, sticky notes and start sharing your ideas.

Note: RealtimeBoard is still in Beta Testing and I have had a few issues. Please let me know on Twitter @PENathan if you have any trouble accessing the shared board.

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