Using Google Apps for Student Portfolios in #PhysEd – Part 1

After recording the latest episode of The #PhysEd Podcast with @JoeyFeith I began to think more about how I could go about really getting on top of my students portfolios especially in terms of which tool would fit best for me.
This year I have already tried EasyPortfolio, ThreeRing & Evernote as potential portfolio tools for the students in my program, and while each had its advantages, I also found them difficult to manage and at times error prone. I had been thinking for a while about how I could use Google Drive  & Google Sites for this purpose.

Let me give you some background about my school. I work in an IB Primary Years Program School, which uses Google Apps for Education.  All students have a GMail address and access to Google Drive, Sites, Groups etc. With Google Apps ease of sharing files, surely this could be the answer I was looking for?

So here begins my adventure with using Google Apps for Student Portfolios in #PhysEd.  In the coming weeks I will be posting updates on my progress with this project and sharing tips on how you can use Google Apps in your #PhysEd program.

Create & Organize Folders in Google Drive

When using Google Drive it can become very confusing unless you organize your files into folders. Simply create a folder then drag and drop your Google Drive files into it.
Doing this you will make sure that your drive remains clutter free and you are able to find your files easily. Once you have done this you also have the option of sharing this folder with other teachers, students, parents, allowing for easy collaboration or viewing.

Sharing Your Files

By far the biggest advantage of Google Drive is its ability to share files. This allows you to collaboratively view or edit files with teachers, students, parents or other community members. Once you have shared a file with someone then it will appear in their Google Drive under the “Shared With Me” and the recipient will be able to view and edit it.
When sharing it is important that you set the permissions on the file/folder. Do you want people to only view, or be able to edit? Do you want it to be a public or private file?

Commenting on Google Files

Once you have shared your files an excellent way for teachers to engage with students, parents and community members is through the Comments function on Google files.
Simply click on Comments and add your thoughts on the file, image, video

So all you #PEGeeks and Team #PhysEd members help me start my Google Apps for #PhysEd journey and share your thoughts on how we can use these fantastic tools to create and manage student portfolios in #PhysEd.

Click on the image below and start sharing your thoughts on How Team #PhysEd can use Google Drive for Student Portfolios.

Stay tuned to iPhys-Ed.com in the coming weeks to stay in touch with my Google journey and find out more ways you can use Google Apps for Education in your #PhysEd Program.

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