The #PhysEd Podcast -Ep13- Weddings, Advocacy, And Big Ideas

In Episode 13, Joey & Nathan talk about weddings, being busy at school, awesome conferences, the future of professional development, the importance of advocacy, and what “raising the bar” actually means. 
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The #PhysEd Podcast Episode 13 Show Notes


Numbers for iOS Gradebooks
A step-by-step blog post on how Joey sets up his iOS Gradebooks in order to keep track of his students’ progress throughout the year.

GIFs in Google Forms
Learn how you can create your own animated GIFs and embed them into your Google Forms.

Crowdsourced SHAPE America GLOs
Team #PhysEd came together and typed up all of SHAPE America’s Grade-Level Outcomes into an easy to use spreadsheet format.

Team #PhysEd Slack
Learn more about Slack: an awesome social media tool for organized discussion and collaboration. Don’t forget to sign up to join the Team #PhysEd Slack community!


I Heard it Through the Vine – Sharing Student Learning 
See how Nathan has used Vine, a social network built around 6-second videos, to share with the world all of the learning his students are accomplishing in #physed.

Inquiry in #PhysEd 101 – The How, What & Why?
Check out Nathan’s awesome post in which he breaks down the inquiry-based learning model.

Awesome #PhysEd Events

2015 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo (March 17-21 | Seattle, WA)
Learn more about #SHAPESeattle. Don’t forget to check out Joey & Artie’s “I Tweet PE” session on Tuesday, as well as US Games’ super secret announcement on Thursday!

SPARK Webinar – Inquiry Based Learning in #PhysEd and #AfterSchool Programs
Register to attend Nathan’s SPARK Programs webinar on March 25th (3PM PT). The session will be focused on Inquiry Based Learning in #PhysEd.

2015 European Council of International Schools Physical Education Conference (April 8-11 | Munich, Germany)
Joey, Nathan, and Andy Vasily will all be present at the 2015 ECIS PE conference in Munich! They can’t wait to meet all of the amazing European #physed teachers who will be there!

PHE Canada & HPEC 2015 National Conference (April 30 – May 2 | Banff, AB)
Learn more about the 2015 PHE Canada National Conference in Banff, Alberta. Lots of Canadian Team #PhysEd community members will be there!

2015 National PE Institute (July 27-29 | Asheville, NC)
Artie Kamiya has put together an incredible lineup for this summer’s National PE Institute! Be sure to join Nathan, Joey, Andy Vasily, Ash Casey and Jarrod Robinson in Asheville this summer for what will surely be an awesome experience!


UNESCO Quality Physical Education Guidelines for Policy Makers
If you’re looking for an awesome resource to help you bring change to your school’s physical education program, you need to check out this incredible document produced by UNESCO.

For all of you dealing with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), you need to check out Nuzzel! Nuzzel let’s you stay up-to-date with all of the most popular links being shared within your social networks.

Fitbit Charge HR
Joey and Nathan have recently made the jump from Jawbone Ups to Fitbit Charge HRs. Be sure to add them if you have a Fitbit account of your own!


Artie Kamiya

Aaron Hart

Matt Pomeroy

Sarah Gietschier-Hartman

Bill Walters

Joey Feith is a physical education teacher from Canada and the founder of ThePhysicalEducator.com. 
Nathan Horne is a physical education teacher currently based in Singapore and the founder of www.iPhys-Ed.com. Never miss a #PhysEd Podcast by subcribing via iTunesStitcherPodomatic, or RSS

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