The #PhysEd Podcast -Ep11- Summertime & New Beginnings

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While both enjoying their summer in Canada, Joey & Nathan take a break for Episode #011 and share some exciting new beginnings while catching up on all that is happening in #PhysEd.


The Team #PhysEd #100ActiveDays Challenge!  – Join Nathan and countless other members of the #physed community in this healthy, engaging, and very social challenge.

Live Scoring School Events Using Google Sheets – Learn about how Nathan set up an amazing Google Sheet to keep track of his school’s swim gala scores in real time! If you’ve never used formulas in your spreadsheets before, this post is a great place to get you started!

The 2014 ACHPER Tasmania Conference – On September 12th, Nathan will be going home to Tasmania to speak at the 2014 ACHPER Tasmania Conference! Come join him as he shares his experience teaching innovative physical education internationally!

ISHCMC School Visit  – Nathan will also be travelling to Vietnam to work with a small group of passionate physical educators looking to bring new innovative ideas into their physical education program. Be sure to follow the hashtag to learn more about what he will be sharing and to share some of your own ideas as well!

The #PhysEd Awards 2014 – Help recognize the teachers who help us all be the best teachers we can be through their dedication to professional sharing and content creation. With two new categories, this year’s #PhysEd Awards should be even more excited than last summer’s!

The 2014 National PE Institute – Join Joey and other members of the #physed community at this year’s NPEI in Asheville, North Carolina!

The #PhysEd Book Club – Discover new books, discuss ideas, and keep growing as a teacher with this awesome Google+ community/book club!

Team #PhysEd Stories: Sarah Gietschier-Hartman  – The Team #PhysEd Stories is a new blog post series aiming to highlight all the different ways that social media is helping teachers improve their practice through meaningful professional development and reflection. Check out this great first post by Sarah!

Joey Joins The St. George’s School of Montreal Staff!  – I’m really excited to announce that I will be starting the 2014-2015 school year at a new, amazing school right here in Montreal! I cannot wait to share my journey at St. George’s with all of you!

People To Follow
Glenn Young (@GlennYoungSD36) – Physical Education & Athletics Coordinator, Surrey School District

Sarah Gietschier-Hartman (@GHSaysRockChalk)  – Awesome physical educator based out of St. Louis, MO

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