The #PhysEd Cookbook: A Collaborative Healthy Eating Resource

 This all began as most things in the #PhysEd community do, with a single tweet. As you can see below Adam decided to cook a healthy meal for himself, but mistook leeks for fennel. A simple enough mistake!

Luckily Adam made the best of a bad situation and in the same way as Amanda Stanec often does, he shared his idea for a recipe below. Laughing to myself at Adam’s misfortune I shot back a tweet suggesting we should make a #PhysEd Cookbook to help out all those other people out there who may also have trouble spotting the difference between fennel and leek. A few tweets later and the wheels were in motion for the creation of The #PhysEd Cookbook.

The #PhysEd Cookbook: A Phase 2 Project

Recently my good friend and podcast partner  Joey Feith blogged about The Skillbook and his idea of Phase 2 of the #PhysEd Revolution. He mentioned that Phase 2 was about creating big solutions for big problems, together as a community.

“Phase Two is all about tackling, as a community, the big problems that have haunted our profession for far too long. Problems like bad teaching practices, inaccessible professional development, and negative stereotypes. Problems that have people rolling their eyes when they hear you’re a “PE Teacher”.

Phase Two will be a series of projects that will produce resources/services that will serve as solutions to these problems.”                                        
                                                                                                     – Joey Feith, thephysicaleducator.com     

So after discussing the idea of The #PhysEd cookbook with Amanda & Adam, we decided that this could be one of these innovative solutions to one of the biggest problems facing our communities today; The epidemic of obesity and unhealthy eating that affects so many of our students and their families.

We think that The #PhysEd Cookbook can serve as an amazing FREE resource to be shared with communities to encourage healthy eating and wellbeing for students, their families and their wider communities. 
We know that we can’t do this alone, so that where you guys come in. We want you to help us make The #PhysEd Cookbook a reality by submitting your favourite healthy recipes and meal ideas and helping us to create a really high quality resource that will be able to be used to enhance the health and wellbeing of those around us. 

How You Can Help

We want you to get creative and submit your favourite easy to make and healthy recipes to the The #PhysEd Cookbook. It is really simple all you need to do is:

  1. Add a new slide to the The #PhysEd Cookbook  (Copy one of the previous slides and change the info)
  2. Be sure to include your Name/Twitter handle/email on your slide.
  3. Add a picture of the finished product to really get the taste buds salivating!
  4. Be sure to indicate where the inspiration for the recipe came from. We need to be mindful of copyright – a URL or the name of the cookbook & author will suffice.

Once we have enough submissions AmandaAdam & I plan to use the recipes submitted to create a high quality E-Book which will be made available FREE to everyone in the #PhysEd community to share with their students and families in the hope that it will encourage families to make better eating choices to enhance their wellbeing.

So strap on your aprons and get into the kitchen and start sharing your healthy recipes right now!

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