Google Apps & Add Ons for Automagical Assessment in #PhysEd

Assessment is one area where I have always found it difficult to ensure that I have a good picture of exactly what my students understand about a particular game, tactic or strategy. Even more so is how do you give feedback to each and every student in the short time you may have with them each week.

With the rise of what were Google Scripts and have now become Add Ons it is now easier than ever for #PhysEd teachers to automagically assess and give feedback to large numbers of students all at the push of a button.

The screencast below will show you everything you need to know about how to set up an assessment using Google Forms and then use the Autocrat Add-On to create instant feedback for your students.

Below are the examples of the Striking & Fielding Assessment and Google Docs Template that I used for your reference.
If you take the time to fill in the form below you will receive an email showing you exactly what the end product would look like for your students.

So please go ahead and test your knowledge of Striking & Fielding tactics and strategies.

Google Forms – Striking & Fielding Assessment

Autocrat – Google Docs Template

Remember when setting up your template you need to include the <<tags>> in the template where you want the form response data to merge. These <<tags>> must be the same as the columns in your Form Responses Sheet for the merge to run correctly.

Automagically create Feedback Loops

The magic of Autocrat is that once you have set up the Add-On when a students submits the form and you run the merge they will receive an instant email with the feedback document attached. When naming the files and setting us the emails remember to use the $namingconvention with the $ sign in place of the << as used in the body of the template.

Experiment with Add Ons

To be honest it Add Ons seem daunting at first and it took me a long time to understand them fully, but once I did my life was so much simpler. They can automate the most monotonous aspects of your job, minimise your paperwork and allow you to focus on and enjoy the important parts of being a #PhysEd teacher.
My advice is set aside some time to sit down and play around with Autocrat and other Add Ons. It has become much easier since Google made Scripts into Add-Ons but it still takes some playing around to fully understand how they can work for you.

For more examples of Google Scripts/Add On’s for #PhysEd please check out the Google Scrips/Add Ons Playlist below to see all the fantastic videos by other amazing #PhysEd professionals:

Have you used Google Scripts/Add Ons in your #PhysEd program? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @iPhys_Ed

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