App Review: TGfU Games PE

TGfU Games PE
TGfU Games PE
A fantastic app for all PE teachers from Nick Stratigopoulos (@GraciousWolf_PE) that organises games and activities into the different TGfU categories.
For those of you who don’t know what TGfU is it stands for Teaching Games for Understanding. This is a more modern approach to teaching games in a deeper more authentic manner, with tactical understanding and transference of strategies across games. It relies heavily on questioning and allows students to develop not only skills but deeper understanding of how a game works and their roles within a team.Games within TGfU are defined in broader categories. Invasion/Territorial Games, Striking/Fielding Games, Net/Wall Games and Target Game. In this app you can search for games by category or by A-Z. In a upcoming update you will be able to search by sport. The games are given a recommended grade level and each game has all the information you could ever need to run the game with you class, including diagrams.

I have used the app extensively in the past weeks since its release and it has been a huge help for me. Especially in those times when I am drawing a mental blank as to new activities and games to do with my class. It was also perfect when I unexpectedly was off work for a week with a medical issue. I directed the substitute teacher i(non PE trained) in the direction of the app and she was able to easily find games to play with the classes.

A real bargain and must have for all the PE Geeks out there. Available on the App Store now!

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