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Net & Wall Games are one of the four categories of games found in the Teaching Games for Understanding approach (click here to learn more about TGfU). In Net & Wall games, teams or individual players score by hitting a ball into a court space with sufficient accuracy and power that their opponents cannot hit it back before it bounces once (badminton & volleyball) or twice (tennis, pickleball, racquetball, squash). 

All games within this category have some common tactical concepts which include maintaining a rally, setting up for an attack, defending space, defending against attack and winning a point.

🏓 Some of my Favourite Net & Wall Games!

There are so many great lead up games that can help your students develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of how to be successful in sports like Tennis, Pickle-ball, Badminton and Volleyball. As part of The PhysEd Library Games Database you can search for games by learning focus and we currently have 15 net & wall lead up games available.

Some of our NEW games added to the database include:
Drop Zone – a badminton game with a focus on control and hitting close to the net
Power Position – Make your way to the Power Position and try to stay there as long as possible
Under the Net – a game that flips Volleyball on it’s head!
Cross Court – Practice serving and cross court rallying in this cooperative game

Each of these games includes 📋 instructions, 🔄 modifications, 🎯 assessment criteria and 🙋‍♂️ teacher questions to stimulate discussion.

These games, plus another 65 one-page game sheets are available as a part of The PhysEd Library’s Game Database.

📋 Tactical Challenge Cards

One of the tools I have been using a lot recently with my students has been these brand new Net & Wall Games Tactical Challenge Cards. This set of 5 printable cards provides students with prompts and challenges to help them learn about different attacking and defensive strategies that are common to Net & Wall Games.

Each of the cards includes a key question to get students thinking about how they can be successful:

Maintaining a RallyHow can you or your team keep the ball/object in play?
Setting Up for AttackHow can you or your team work together to set up an attack?
Winning a Point How can you or your team win a point?
Defending SpaceHow can you or your team protect the other side of the court?
Defending Against AttackHow can you or your team prevent the other player/team from winning a point?

The reverse of the cards contains some potential solutions to each question and a challenge for each possible solution. The idea is that students work towards achieving these challenges and by doing so develop the skills and knowledge to be able to transfer into different net & wall sports.

This new resource is available as part of The PhysEd Library Toolbox of resources, along with a plethora of other assessment tools, visuals and game design resources. If you are interested in accessing these resources click the button below to sign up for a membership to The PhysEd Library.

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