iPhys-Ed.com in 2018: A Year in Review

What a whirlwind 2018 was! It came and went and here I am writing another Year in Review blog post. Last year, I reflected on big year both professionally and personally and this year was no different. 2018 saw me finishing off my first year and starting my second as PHE Department Head at Meadowridge, as well as buying and moving into our first real home. My amazing daughter continues to bring so much joy to our family and as she approaches turning 2 years old we are preparing to welcome another new addition to our family in May. Professionally, I felt much more settled starting my second school year in September and I continue to be very grateful of the team I have around me and super proud of some of the curriculum work we have done this year (more about that later!)

Reflecting on iPhys-Ed.com in 2018, I would have to say it was a year of consolidation and optimization. While the volume of blog posts may have decreased, rest assured I was doing a bunch of work behind the scenes to ensure that the website, our online course platform and social media outlets were optimized to allow me to deliver all the quality content that you crave moving forward. However it wasn’t all boring tech work…some of the highlights for 2018 included:

Thanks to each and every one of the 59,887 of you who made your way to iPhys-Ed.com in 2018, I continue to be so grateful for your support and I am committed to providing you will all the tools and strategies you need to deliver quality physical education and coaching. 

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Most Popular Resources of 2018

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Looking Ahead in 2019

2019 already looks like it will be another incredible year. Some of the behind the scenes work I have been doing has been in preparation for some exciting new projects and initiatives that will launch this year. This coming year you can look forward to:

  • Brand new online courses, including Purposeful Game Design, Assessing Fundamental Movement Skills and Creating Game Animations with Powerpoint (for all our PC users!).
  • A new mobile app for iOS and Android which will allow you to easily teach and assess movement skills.
  • More face to face workshops across North America, starting with the Ontario Coaches Conference in April.
  • New PhysEdcast episodes with #physed, coaching and sports leaders including Ben Landers, Skyler Boles, Tim Fletcher, Scott Robison and many more.
  • Detailed blog posts describing the incredible curriculum work our Meadowridge PHE team has done in linking physical literacy to our school Mission Statement and backwards designing our PHE program meet the goal of “living well.” This is the work I am probably most proud of in my career.

How You Can Help in 2019...

As I mentioned earlier, I sincerely appreciate your support over the years. I do however have a favour to ask all of you…If you have ever found this website, our resources or social media useful in helping you as a physical educator, coach or sports leader I would love it if you could share this blog post with a friend or colleague to help further build our #PhysEd community.  Simply click the buttons below to share this post and spread the word.
Thanks again and I look forward to connecting with you all throughout 2019. I have a feeling it’s going to be an amazing year for all of us!
Yours in #PhysEd,


Nathan Horne is a physical educator, currently based in British Columbia, Canada where he works as PHE Department Head at Meadowridge School. Nathan is also the founder of iPhys-Ed.com. Be sure to never miss out on any of iPhys-Ed.com’s future posts by connecting with us via TwitterFacebookYoutube or Instagram. Nathan can be contacted on Twitter @PENathan.

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