What’s In Your #PhysEd Bag, Patty Kestell?

Today in What’s In Your #PhysEd Bag? We feature another incredible physical educator. This week it’s 2013 AAPHERD National Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year Patty Kestell
Read on to find out what the best Elementary Physical Education in the whole of the US for 2013 keeps in her bag to help her provide incredible physical education lessons to her students.
1. My Bag
As the Student and Employee Wellness Coordinator for our district, the logo on this bag reminds me to keep the whole student and his/her wellness in mind as I carry my work and gadgets back and forth from home to school. This is one of many bags I have!

2. Essential Items
Wisconsin State PE Standards and Lesson Plan Book- Without a doubt, these two items are always within my grasp so that I can prepare quality physical education lessons for my students! My teacher ID card, pass card, and keys are worn everyday as part of our teaching contract and to allow us access to our school.

3. My Tech Gear
My teaching iPad, as well as the four new iPads I have to use with my students in PE, have been awesome tools to use for a variety of activities with my students and for using to assess my students. (Too many apps and uses to mention here…but awesome is understating their value to me!) For moments when I don’t want to use my iPad for photos, I always have my camera handy to record great learning moments. My iPod, iPad, and wireless speakers work great for providing music in PE and for when I am out on the road giving presentations. When I don’t use Dropbox, I have a back up flashdrive to help me store my student projects and my own work.

4. Professional Journals
Momentum, JOHPERD, Strategies, and the Wisconsin Health and Physical Education newsletter travel back and forth in my bag so that when I catch a moment here or there in my day, I can stay current by reading what other great physical educators are researching in our field.

5. Fuel Up to Play 60/Wellness Article
These two resources have provided me with ideas for how to integrate wellness and Fuel Up to Play 60 in my school community. Our school is participating in FUTP 60 this year, so this notebook is a great resource for me. This year my school is also integrating monthly wellness themes, so the Wellness resource has given me some ideas to use in our school.

6. Fitness Gear/Passes
Each day I have my Jawbone UP band and heart rate monitor watch on, helping me keep track of my fitness levels. I have been keeping track of my sleep as well with the UP band since it is easy for me to stay up late getting work done when my body really needs the rest! Our district has some great fitness opportunities available, including yoga classes at a great yoga studio in our community. The fitness/yoga passes are available to all staff members in our district!

7. Water Bottle/Apple
It can be hard to stay hydrated while teaching, so it helps to have a bottle I can use to make sure I drink enough water throughout the day. Apples are an easy, healthy energy boost when I need it!

If you are interested in sharing what’s in your #PhysEd bag then feel free to contact us at iPhysEd@gmail.com or on Twitter @iPhys_Ed.

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