#PhysEd Inquiry Cycles

Inquiry based learning is the future! Children are naturally inquisitive and helping them to become better independent thinkers, problems solvers should be the aim of every educator, including Physical Educators.
No longer are we just facilitators for games, no longer will our gymnasiums, fields, halls and courts be a place where classroom teachers send their kids to play. Our "classrooms" will become places where students can aspire to be active, healthy, open minded, risk taking inquirers. Higher order thinking will take place, students will be challenged physically as well as mentally. The question will no longer be "What are we playing today?" but "What are we learning today?"

But how can we make this shift in thinking? How can we help our students to ask the tough questions in Physical Education lessons? 

Through the use of Inquiry Cycles. Inquiry Cycles help to guide our planning, implementation and assessment of student learning in Physical Education. iPhys-Ed.com has recently released two inquiry cycles (student and teacher) which can help you to implement more meaningful inquiry based learning in your Physical Education program.

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