Life is Athletic: An Interview with Ted Temertzoglou

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to catch up with a good friend of mine and all around nice guy, Ted Temertzoglou to chat all things physical education, as well as discuss his new book, Healthy Active Living 2.0.

Ted Temertzoglou was a Health and Physical Education Teacher for the Toronto District School Board for 20 years but currently he works with Thompson Educational Publishing creating learning resources for Health and Physical Education teachers from K-12. He is the lead author for many books inlcuding his newest, Healthy Active Living 2.0. Ted was the recipient of the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association’s Outstanding Contribution Award in 2008. He completed his MA in Physical and Health Education with a research focus in student success and teacher-student rapport. Ted has worked with Health and Physical Education teachers from around the world delivering keynote addresses and conducting workshops in the USA, Asia, Europe and Africa.

This podcast was the first longer form episode for The Daily PhysEd podcast and it was an absolute delight to chat with Ted about his journey to becoming a physical educator, what he struggles with and what he thinks are important for the physical education profession moving forward. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording it.


If you are interested in finding out more or purchasing Healthy Active Living you can do so at thompsonbooks.com/kto12/hpe/hal.

The Daily PhysEd is a daily physical education podcast where I share reflections on my teaching practice, tips, techniques, strategies, technology tools and all other things physical education. If you like it feel free to subscribe to the podcast on AppleGoogle Play or another podcast provider of your choice.

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  1. Good stuff here. You might like to interview me sometime as I have been involved in the field of physical education and play for over 60 years.. I can send you a CV if you might be interested. Cheers, Gary