Google Apps for #PhysEd – Forms for Assessment

This Monday I had the opportunity to visit another fantastic Physical Educator here in Singapore, the amazing Anne Wenstrom (@awenstrom) who works at Singpore American School and has recently become an Apple Distinguished Educator.

It is always great to meet other innovative physical educators, not only to share ideas but especially when you get to see them work.
While visiting I saw Anne using Google Forms as a way for Grade 4 students to peer assess each other during a lesson on floor hockey skills. While I have used Google Forms plenty of times before, I had never thought of using it as an assessment tool in #PhysEd. Anne simply bookmarked the Google Form on the home screen of the class iPads and had students peer assessing each other on their shooting technique, looking at 4 different technique points.
It is so simple to set up. Below is a video which shows you how I recently set up and used a Google Form to help me with my assessment for my current swimming unit.

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