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I have been using Flipboard on my iOS devices for a while now to read Twitter & Facebook feeds in a visually appealing way but with the lastest update I have been excited by the ability to create your own Flipboard magazine to be shared via social media or subscribed to via the Flipboard app itself.
It’s really simple, all you need to do is add the +FlipIt bookmarklet to your web browser and if you see something you would like to add to your magazine, push it!

This great new feature for Flipboard has the potential to be a fantastic source of continuing professional development for teachers as well as the possibility of creating dedicated Flipboard’s for student learning.
Could this be the textbook of the future?

We have started our own Flipboard magazine which is available for subscription here – http://flip.it/B4mbq
Here at iPhys-Ed.com we are looking forward to seeing the #PhysEd community creating lots of new #PhysEd Flipboard magazines in the coming weeks.

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