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This year has been a one of change in my life. In the past 12 months, I suddenly lost my Dad, became a father to the most beautiful little girl, moved to Canada and started a new job as PHE Department Head at Meadowridge School (check out our amazing campus!) It’s fair to say the last year has been a fairly crazy and life-changing year for me and my family.

Over the past few years, I have been using this blog as a place to share my thoughts, ideas, and reflections on teaching purposeful physical education. iPhys-Ed.com was started as a reflection tool, to help me reflect upon my practice, as I have always learned best by writing things down. I am so grateful that so many of you find visiting the site beneficial to your teaching practice and continue to support me and the site in all our projects.

As those of you who are parents will attest to, one of the biggest changes in your life is that your time becomes no longer your own. Since March I have found it incredibly hard to find time to blog here on the site. When I started my new position at Meadowridge School I was trying to think of how I could find the time to continue to meaningfully reflect on my practice. Then it hit me! I currently live a 45-minute drive away from the school and spend most mornings listening to podcasts. Why not try and record my own podcast while I am driving? I could reflect on my practice and share all of the things I usually share on the blog but on a daily basis.

Problem was, as anyone who had ever tried to start a podcast would know, that podcast hosting is expensive and uploading and managing the audio edits can be time-consuming. I knew this would be a potential barrier for me, especially given I wanted to record it while driving. I figured at the very least I could record the audio using voice recorder on my iPhone on my drive then edit it at home on the computer.

Then I stumbled across a brand new app called Anchor. Anchor lets you record or capture ANY audio, right from your phone. It’s the easiest way to make a podcast or radio show, ever. No experience necessary (and it’s 100% free). You can also turn your Anchor audio into a podcast with one touch. It’ll automatically sync to Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Overcast and all your other favorite platforms. It is the perfect tool for what I want to do.

Basically, I record the audio within the app on my drive home and then when I arrive home while sitting in my driveway I give the episode a name and hit publish to create another brand new podcast episode.

The Daily | PhysEd

And that is how The Daily | PhysEd was born. Every single day that I am at work this year I record an episode. As the intro says: “The Daily PhysEd is a daily physical education podcast where I share reflections on my teaching practice, tips, techniques, strategies, technology tools and all other things physical education.”

Take a listen to one of our episodes below.


If you like it feel free to subscribe to the podcast on Apple, Google Play or another podcast provider of your choice.

Nathan Horne is a physical educator currently based in British Columbia, Canada and the founder of iPhys-Ed.com Be sure to never miss out on any of iPhys-Ed.com’s future posts by connecting with us via TwitterFacebookYoutube or Instagram. Nathan can be contacted on Twitter @PENathan.

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