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Upon starting this school year, in line with our schools decision to have each class set up a blog, I decided to set up a blog for my #PhysEd program. Hence, www.issphysed.weebly.com was born and became a vital tool in communicating, showcasing and advocating for our school’s  #PhysEd program.

This week we had a IB PYP Network job sharing session here in Singapore and I ran a workshop for physical educators on Blogging & Social Media in #PhysEd. I believe blogging & harnessing the power of social media for your #PhysEd program is really driving our profession forward into the 21st century and allowing us to advocate Physical Education to families, administrators and other community members.

In preparing for the workshop, I thought the best way to facilitate a workshop on blogging was to set up a website containing all the resources you could need to get started with blogging.

I present to you:  www.physedblogs.weebly.com

This site should give you all the information you need to get started with blogging and will evolve over time to include more and more information about how you can use blogs to advocate and communicate about your #PhysEd program.


Weebly is my blogging tool of choice. It has an incredibly easy user interface that is almost idiot proof. All you need to do is simly drop and drag your blogging instruments onto your page and away you go. Text, videos, photos and layout functions are easy to use and developing a blog has never been easier.


You can use Social Media in some many creative ways to enhance your blog or to communicate and advocate for your program. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest & YouTube are all fantastic social networks which are being currently harnessed by physical educators all around the world. Think outside the box of how these networks are usually used to harness their power for your #PhysEd program.

If you already have a #PhysEd blog please fill in this form so we can share between schools/programs and begin to connect by clicking here: http://goo.gl/Oxb4C

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