Technology Tools

Google Apps for #PhysEd

Google Drive
More than just a storage solution. Tool for real time collaboration, flipping your classroom, portfolio creation and storage.
Learn more here:  Google Apps for Student Portfolios, Google Drive Workflow for Portfolios, Google Sheets for Physical Literacy Assessment

Google Forms
Forms is a powerful tool for assessment, reflection and getting real time feedback.
Learn more here: Google Forms for Assessment, Google Forms for Record Keeping

Google Sites
The perfect way to bring together students learning with portfolios to share their learning journey with community. Easy to upload pictures and videos from Google Drive to site. Check out some examples here: ISS Grade 3 Portfolios

Currently being used as part of the #PEPLC project to build a professional learning community. Visit www.peplc.net or the Google+ Community to find out more.

Google Chrome
If you are not using Chrome as your default browser then you are missing out. The ease of use is incredible and there are more and more extensions and apps for #PhysEd appearing all the time. Check out the following that I use:  Wunderlist, Feedly, QRCodify, Biodigital Human

Classroom Management Tools

Make My Groups
Quick and easy way to make groups and teams on the go. No more arguing about teams or wasting time sorting students into groups. Check out the video demonstation here.

Music Workout
Perfect for setting up station work. No need to hover over the CD player or keep track of time. This app does it all for you using the existing music library on your device.

Fixture Maker
Organize tournaments and fixtures quickly and easily as well as keep score and track scorers. The app will generate a round robin tournament for any number of teams and keep a running table as you enter results.

Easy and quick way to make notes and observations or draw up a quick diagram. Check out Going Paperless in #PhysEd.https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/penultimate/id354098826?mt=8

Easy Attendance
Easy Attendance is a powerful and portable way to gather and record student attendance. It provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows teachers and instructors to easily capture and archive attendance based records.

Teaching Tools

Coach Note
Coach Note is a fantastic app and incredibly versatile app with which you can create, save and share complex sports tactics that translate effortlessly into real-life sports plays.  Check out how I used it for TGfU through Coach Note.

BAM Video Delay
Split your screen into 4, each with a different video delay. Excellent for instant feedback on student performance. 

Coach's Eye
Record it. Break it down. Get better.  Improve your students' technique and allow student to reflect on their performances. Coach's Eye makes instant feedback possible on the field or on the go. Similar to Ubersense.

Swipe Stats
SwipeStats gives students the ability to capture live tracking data about actions in sport. Perfect for Sport Ed units.

Video Tagger
Create highlight videos of your students performances. Choose two actions and tag the video as you record. Once done the app will produce highlights videos of tagged actions. FrAppTap is another powerful video tagging app.

Easy Assessment
Create rubrics and easily assess your students on the move from your device.  Import and export to dropbox available.

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