Purposeful Games Database

A collection on purposeful games for physical educators and coaches.

New Games & Videos Every Month

Engaging Games

Fun, challenging games which also get your students thinking. Designed using the TGfU approach and using Levels of Tactical complexity, these games are certain to engage your students.

How to Play Videos

Step by step walkthroughs of games, helping you set up and play in a flash. Videos feature different modifications to the game, showing how you can increase/decrease the level of challenge.

Teacher Questions

Each game contains a number of question prompts that will help you kickstart discussion and reflection amongst your students.

Assessment Criteria

Game sheets include quick and easy to assess criteria which align with the games major tactical problem.


Suggestions for ways in increase or decrease the level of challenge within the games, while keeping students working towards solving tactical problems at their own level.

Perfect for Cover Teachers

Leave these game sheets behind when you are away from class and be sure that the cover teachers are delivering quality physical education lessons.


Game Sheets

Easy to use one page game sheets designed to help you set up, teach, modify and assess games purposefully.


Game Videos

Animated examples of purposeful games. See the game in action, including modifications and variations.


Find A Game To Match Your Lesson

Search, filter and download games to use in your lessons.


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Frequently asked questions

What is included in the Purposeful Games Database?

The database is a collection of purposeful games designed to make it easy for you to plan and teach your lessons. Members of the Purposeful Games Database will gain access to printable game sheets, game videos and other purposeful game resources. New resources will be release on a monthly basis.

What type of games are included?

The games included in the database are based upon the Teaching Games for Understanding categories (Target Games, Net & Wall Games, Striking & Fielding Games, Invasion Games). Each game has been designed to focus on specific skill or tactical concepts. Members will be able to use the games in the database to teach units within these game categories which develop technical and tactical understanding. We also have Tag Games, Cooperative Games and Fitness Games available in the Database.

Is this the same as the Teaching Games with Purpose Online Course

No. The online course will cover the pedagogy, strategies and principles behind designing purposeful games. This database is a collection of ready to play games. 

How often will new games be added?

New games will be added to the database every month.

How do I access the games database?

Once you register for the database membership you will be sent login information to access the games database.

How much does it cost?

Following your FREE 7 day trial, you will be charged $5 a month for access to the purposeful games database. You can also choose to pay annually at a cost of $50. This will save you $10 or the equivalent of 2 months free!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

While we hope that you don’t want to do this, if you do it is as simple as cancelling your subscription in the members area of the database.

Still Got Questions?

If you still have any questions about Purposeful Games Database membership just hit the email me button below and ask. I will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

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