Swimming Assessment Toolkit


A complete assessment toolkit to help you assess student performance in freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly. This toolkit contains printable and digital assessment tools for use by coaches and swim teachers.

This product is a digital download.

The Swimming Assessment Toolkit is an all in one assessment solution for swim coaches and teachers. The toolkit contains a combination of printable and digital assessment tools to help you and your students improve their stroke technique in Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke, and Butterly. By purchasing this assessment toolkit you will gain access to the following:

        • Freestyle Stroke Assessment Card (Printable)
        • Breaststroke Stroke Assessment Card (Printable)
        • Backstroke Stroke Assessment Card (Printable)
        • Butterfly Stroke Assessment Card (Printable)
        • Swim Stoke Quick Look Assessment Tool (Printable)
        • Swim Stroke Quick Look Assessment Tool (Digital – Google Sheet)
        • Individual Stroke Record Assessment Tool (Printable)
        • Freestyle Group Stroke Assessment Tool (Printable)
        • Breaststroke Group Stroke Assessment Tool (Printable)
        • Backstroke Group Stroke Assessment Tool (Printable)
        • Butterfly Group Stroke Assessment Tool (Printable)
        • Swim Detailed Stroke Assessment Tool (Digital – Google Form)
        • Personal Swim Record Template (Digital – Google Doc)
        • Step by Step Video Recordings showing how to use digital tools.

This product is a digital download.


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