Fundamental Movement Skills – Locomotor Cards


A set of 6 printable Fundamental Movement Skill Cards to help you instruct and assess locomotor skills. This set includes: Running, Skipping, Hopping, Galloping, Sliding & Leaping

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This set of printable Fundamental Movement Skills cards will help you and your students with instruction and assessment of Locomotor Skills like Running, Skipping and Hopping.

This set of 6 printable cards includes:

  • Running
  • Skipping
  • Hopping
  • Galloping
  • Sliding
  • Leaping

Each double-sided card contains easy to remember teaching prompts on the front side as well as checkable success criteria on the back to enable simple peer or teacher assessment. I have used these cards extensively in my classes both as a teacher tool and to help students peer assess. When printed and laminated the success criteria can be easily checked with whiteboard markers.

This product is a digital download.


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