Lesson 1 – Introduction to Keynote

  Welcome to the first lesson in the Creating Game Animations with Keynote online course. Before we get started feel free to join our Creating Game Animations Course Community on Facebook where you can discuss the course, ask questions and share your amazing game animations with other physical education teachers.   Keynote for Mac is …

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Course Welcome

Welcome to the Teaching Games with Purpose online course. I am so excited to have you join us for this course and look forward to helping you explore strategies to help you deliver more purposeful games to your students.  By completing this course you will: Discover how to teach games through a Teaching Games for …

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Course Welcome

  Welcome to the first lesson in the Physical Education Assessment Strategies & Tools online course. In this lesson, you will learn how to navigate the online course as well as join the course community where you can connect with other students to discuss the course, ask questions and share resources. Get started below by clicking Navigating …

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Lesson 2 – Creating Graphics

  Being able to create & edit shapes and objects in Keynote will allow you the freedom and flexibility to customize your game animation to suit your needs. In this lesson we will explore how to create and edit basic shapes, as well as design your own custom shapes to be used in game animations. …

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Course Community

Before we get started diving into the content of this course please go ahead and join our online course community which will be hosted on Facebook. Joining the course community will allow you to discuss the course with other students, ask questions to Nathan, share resources and stay updated with course progress. To join the …

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Introduction to Assessment

Now that you know how to navigate your way through the course and you have joined our course community it is time to dive into exploring purposeful assessment practices in physical education. In this lesson you will learn about: What is Assessment? The differences between Assessment OF Learning, Assessment AS Learning & Assessment FOR Learning …

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Assessment Strategies

Now that you learned about the different types of assessment it’s time to start developing strategies to help you implement these assessment methods in your physical education program. In this lesson you will discover: How Should I Assess in Physical Education? What Should I Assess in Physical Education? Should I Fitness Test? Click How Should …

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Game Based Models

Games have traditionally dominated physical education curriculums worldwide. The teaching of games however has been dominated by the traditional skills-based approach, with a focus on teaching specific skills and techniques, and highly structured lessons involving a warm-up, skills practices and a final game. Alternative games-based approaches were developed in the 1980’s, characterised by a focus …

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Purposeful Games Database

SearchItem Categorieschoose an option .. Target Games Net & Wall Games Invasion Games Striking & Fielding Games Tactical Conceptschoose an option .. Scoring Runs Stop Scoring Runs Creating Space Defending Space Regaining Possession Maintaining a Rally Accurately Hit Ball Maintaining Possession Proximity to Target Your selections:GoldilocksKeep ItGone in ThreeRally PointBase Race

Lesson 3 – Animating

  Time to get started with the good stuff. Now that you have learnt how to create graphics, it’s time to get them moving! In Lesson 3 you will learn how to make single objects move as well as making multiple objects move simultaneously using the Magic Move animation. Once you know how to make your …

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Assessment of Movement Competencies

The more movement skills a student possesses the more confident they will feel to be able to participate in a wide variety of physical activities.  In this lesson you will learn: How to assess Movement Competency How to use the Movement Skills Assessment Toolkit How to Assess Swimming Proficiency About a variety of other Assessment …

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Pedagogical Principles of Games

https://vimeo.com/351118580 When trying to help your students develop an understanding of ‘what to do’, ‘how to do it’, and ‘when to do it’ in relation to gameplay, using a Games Based Approach can be delivered using four key pedagogical principals. Sampling Representation Exaggeration Tactical Complexity SamplingSelecting many games from the same category to develop an …

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Developing Thinking Players

Sport and games play a large role in most physical education programs. Challenging students to find solutions to problems on how to improve their own and their team’s performance is an important aspect in the understanding of physical literacy. In this lesson, you will explore strategies and tools related to: Assessing Tactical Understanding Game Sense Assessing Decision …

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