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Creating game animation with keynote ONLINE COURSE

Help Students Understand Game Concepts

Have you been searching for an easy and customizable way for your students to show their understanding of tactical concepts or rules of games and sport? Do you own a Mac computer or work in a Mac school?  Want to share your games with students before the come to class? This self paced online course is designed to easily teach you how to create simple graphics and game animations to support student learning in physical education or team sport programs. 


Learn how to design your own players, equipment and play spaces for your animations and reuse them over and over.


Demonstrate where and when to move. Make team plans and share with your players.


Save time with pre-made players, balls, equipment and playing spaces ready to use. *Available in Premium & School levels.*


Have your whole class learn how to animate to demonstrate their understanding of tactics, strategies and rules. *Available in School level*


Discover how to move players, balls and equipment to demonstrate team strategy and tactics.


Add voiceovers to your animations to explain rules or tactics to students or players.


Create game animations ahead of time and share with your students. Student arrive to class ready to play.


Create game animations from start to finish with no prior experience. Learn everything you need to know and more as part of the course.

Resource Pack

*available with Premium & School pricing levels


Choose the enrolment that best suits your needs.
For individuals choose between the Basic and Premium levels.
Learn together with our School level which includes unlimited student/teacher enrolment and is perfect for teaching an entire class/school how to harness the power of keynote.







Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Once you purchase enrolment to the course you will receive your username and password via email.

No! Enrolment in this course gives you LIFETIME ACCESS to all content. Login and learn whenever you have the time.

To be able to create game animations using all the features described in this course, we advise that you have a Mac computer (desktop or laptop) with Keynote for Mac installed. Some features are available using Keynote for iOS however it is not as straightforward as the Mac version.

The BASIC and PREMIUM levels are designed for individual students. The SCHOOL level enables unlimited members of your class/department/team to enrol in the course (as long as you all are a part of the same school/organization).

The course community is hosted on Facebook and all enrolled students are invited to join. Within the community you can discuss the course, ask for help or share your new ideas.

If you went through the entire course start to finish without stopping it would probably take you 1-2 hours. On average students report spending 5-10 hours engaged in this course.

By registering for the PREMIUM or SCHOOL levels you also gain access to the Game Animation Resource Pack which contains pre-made players, balls and playing fields/courts to save you time and get you started with your game animations.

Once you register for the course you will receive an email with a link to download your resource pack. The resource pack is in .keynote format.

Upon completing the course you will be able to download a certificate of completion for your records.

This is completely dependent on your school/district/state requirements. It doesn’t hurt to check with your authority before enrolling if you are worried about this.

Being a teacher I understand how school budgets and purchasing works. If you do not have a credit card to register email me at nathan@iphys-ed.com to discuss how we can get you enrolled.

While I believe this course is an amazing resource, if you are unhappy with your purchase, contact me to let me know your issues and discuss a refund.

Our Students Say


"I had an idea on how to animate, but this allowed me to have a finished product in a day. It’s been a game changer."
Dave Klaus
Bridgeton, Illinois
"The course is well structured with simple easy to use instructional videos. It's a great course for anyone looking to improve/develop their PE programs."
Bill Brant
International Montessori School, Hong Kong
"Nathan's course really helped me beat the learning curve with Keynote Animations, it was well worth it!"
Ben Landers
"Great course! I downloaded the pre-made resources as well. No need in recreating the wheel, right? I knew a lot of it. But I loved the magic move. I hadn't seen that before."
Eric Davolt
Physical Educator - California
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