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Over the past few years I have been incredibly lucky to travel all over the world and present workshops to physical educators. Presenting physical education workshops in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Germany and Dubai over the past 3 years has enabled me to share my ideas and connect with hundreds of you. I absolutely love being with other physical educators and value the rich conversations (not to mention the competitiveness) that take place when you get a bunch of us together in a room.

The thing is, I know there are so many thousands more of you out there in places that I haven’t had the chance to get to yet. While I would love to be able to travel the world and get to see each and every one of you, at this point that is just not possible. So that got me thinking…how could I help more of you without needing to actually be there in person with you? How could I share the physical education knowledge I have with you in a way that you could use wherever you are, whenever you want it?

Today I am so excited to launch our very own Online Learning platform right here at iPhys-Ed.com!

With the launch of online courses you will be able to improve your physical education practice no matter where you are in the world, at any time of the day. Our Online Learning platform is designed to deliver high quality self paced online courses to you to help you gain the skills, knowledge and motivation to create and deliver more purposeful physical education to your students.

How It Works

Our online courses at iPhys-Ed.com will offer you a combination of easy to follow video and articles which you can work through at your own pace and in your own time. Each online course will also have it’s own Course Community in the form of a Facebook group, through which you can communicate with other participants, ask questions and share your new knowledge.

All you need to do to join a course is to head over to iPhys-Ed.com/Learn and select your desired course. Once you have made payment you will be enrolled in the course and ready to learn!

Creating Game Animations with Keynote Online Course

I am so proud to announce our very first online course, Creating Game Animations with Keynote. 
Keynote for Mac is an incredible powerful tool for creating presentations (think Powerpoint or Google Slides on steroids) and can enable you to create amazing animations. I got my start discovering the power of Keynote from my good friend, and podcast partner, Joey Feith from ThePhysicalEducator.com. When we met up for the first time at the ECIS Physical Education Conference in Munich back in 2015, Joey gave me a quick bootcamp and showed me just what was possible with the power of Keynote. He is absolute master at using Keynote and you may have seen some of his powerful animations like Rob’s #PhysEd Story or some of the games in his incredible Games Database.

Since then I have been using Keynote not only for my keynote and workshop presentations, but also to create game animations for my physical education classes. I have been able to use Keynote to create custom animations that I am able to share with my students to help them discover tactical concepts, learn rules as well as assess their knowledge and understanding.

One of the most common questions I get asked when I present at workshops and conferences is how I create my presentations and animations, in fact at the 2015 National PE Institute in Asheville, North Carolina I even got “volun-told” by Jo Bailey to run a session on it as part of the first ever #PhysEdCamp. Like I mentioned earlier, I want to be able to help as many physical educators as possible and with our new Online Learning platform now that is possible.

The Creating Game Animations with Keynote online course is designed for physical educators who wish to learn how to create simple game animations to support student learning in their physical education program. Game animations can help you present new games, or tactical concepts to your students visually in a highly engaging way. Using the power of Keynote for Mac you will design custom graphics, animate and explore ways to share and present your new animations with students.

By completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create custom graphics using Keynote.
  • Animate graphics using Keynote.
  • Create game animations for your #PhysEd program.
  • Add voiceovers to your game animations.
  • Convert your animations into video & GIF format for ease of sharing.

The course is comprised of 5 lessons containing 17 topics. Each topic will teach you a new skill and includes video explanations to help you step by step through the process.

No experience using Keynote is necessary.
The only requirement is that you have a Mac Computer with Keynote installed (that’s pretty much all of them).

The Creating Game Animations with Keynote online course is now available for enrolment and I cannot wait to see some of the amazing game animations that you come up with once you have completed the course.


We will be launching additional Online Courses throughout 2017 covering topics such as Assessment, Technology and Game Design and can’t wait to be able to help you deliver physical education with purpose.

Nathan Horne is a physical educator currently based in Singapore (soon to be in Vancouver, Canada) and the founder of iPhys-Ed.com Be sure to never miss out on any of iPhys-Ed.com’s future posts by connecting with us via TwitterFacebook, Youtube or Instagram. Nathan can be contacted on Twitter @PENathan or via email.

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