Google Apps for #PhysEd – Forms for Record Keeping

Following on with iPhys-Ed.com‘s series on using Google Apps for #PhysEd┬átoday I want to share with you how you can use Google Forms for Record Keeping.

At my school (www.issphysed.weebly.com) we have an Athletics Carnival & Swim Gala every year. This time can be incredibly stressful for us Physical Educators when trying to organise events for large numbers of students. Our school has around 300 students and making sure that they are all participating in events with other students of their speed/ability level is difficult.

This year for our Swim Gala I turned to Google Forms and it has helped me streamline the process and take the stress out of the organization.
Watch below to find out how you can use Google Forms for Record Keeping

I had to get a little creative when trying to do this at the pool due to a lack of Wifi access. Watch below to see how I easily set up a hotspot from my phone to the iPad to allow me to access the internet. This could be of huge help to all those #pegeeks out there who do not have Wifi access in their gym or on their field.

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  1. Our school has been very adamant that we keep better records of student progress through mediums like Google Forms. This is a helpful tool when it comes to monitoring progress. In a school with almost 900 students it can be a bit overwhelming to keep up with all of the data. Finding a template that works for you can make the experience much more manageable.

  2. Tracking student data is a hard thing to do in our school due to the number of students in the gym at once. I am sure this is a struggle for all. I like that this is quick and accessible. Our students switch classroom teachers so often that it is hard to keep up with who is where. This would be good as we could do it by grade level and alphabetical order.