Creating A Tag Game using Cooperative Learning

During my visit to the 2015 National PE Institute in Asheville I was lucky enough to meet and spend some time with University of Loughborough lecturer and PEPRN creator, Dr Ash Casey. Ash and I had been connecting online for a while and I knew of his work and research in the area of cooperative learning. At the PE Institute I attended one of Ash’s breakout sessions where he introduced participants to the Jigsaw Model for student created games.

Upon returning to school I thought that I would give this model a try with my students and see how they went working cooperatively to create a tag game. The result is the video below.
While in no means the perfect execution of this model, or a perfect lesson, I wanted to share my experience in using this model with my students to encourage others to explore using research and transferring it into practice. Something I know that Ash is a huge advocate of through his blog.
I hope you enjoy a look into our PE lesson using the Jigsaw Model for cooperative learning and welcome your comments below.

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